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Royal music at the Court of Blois

music and dance

Royal music at the Court of Blois

07/13/2018 From 11H30

08/24/2018 From 16H15

Château de Blois
6 Place du Château

Organiser : Royal chateau of Blois

The Banquet du Roy musical ensemble invites you to immerse yourself in the Renaissance’s soundtrack by reviving the music that provided the rhythm of seigneurial life at the chateau. Every friday from july 13th to August 24th, at 11.30am, 2.45pm, 3.45pm and 5.15pm.

Fare : Included in château entrance ticket (booking not required).

The powerful, noble sounds of the great oboes from the Royal Stables will ring out once more in the château courtyard. Motets composed for the French kings will resonate in the royal chapel and incredibly beautiful love songs will be heard in the queen’s gallery.

You will also discover the unusual sounds of several old instruments like the shawm, bombard, dulzaina, dulcian, gittern, viola da gamba, Renaissance flutes and percussion instruments.


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