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Exhibition « Gaston d’Orleans, rebel prince and Patron of the arts »


Exhibition « Gaston d’Orleans, rebel prince and Patron of the arts »

From 07/01/2017 to 10/15/2017

Château de Blois
6 Place du Château

Organiser : Chateau Royal de Blois

Gaston d’Orleans born in 1608, son of Henry IV, brother of king Louis XIII and uncle to Louis XIV, remains one of France’s obscure and controversial princes. The Royal Chateau of Blois, where he lived for many years and ended his days, could have had a completely different aspect to it, if his grand reconstruction project, which he gave to François Mansard, had been completed...

Fare : Usual admission price of the chateau

The aim of this exhibition is to restore the reputation of this cultured personality, who was an avid collector and patron of the arts of his time. He built up a valuable display of curiosities, renowned as one of the richest cabinets of Europe.

On display to the public will be paintings and tapestries, evoking the decoration of his two palaces and a part of his famous collection of medals and antiques, shells, maps, manuscripts and book covers.

It will also be the occasion for the public to discover an exceptional collection of paintings on parchment representing in extreme detail and richness, plants of the botanical gardens which he created in Blois, as well as the birds which he kept in adjoining aviaries.


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