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Guideez: an app for children !

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Hide and Seek, Spot the Difference, Consequences, memory games... It is up to the young adventurers, smartphone or tablet in hand, to play the tour guide, as they lead the whole family on a 12-stage journey to discover the Royal Château of Blois. The children, helped on their way at the start by a personal supervisor, are encouraged to look closely at even the smallest details in order to learn as much as possible about the Château. By the end of their journey, nothing about the monument – its architecture, its historical characters and their great stories – will hold any secrets for them. And when they reach the finishing line, there is a gift awaiting those who have completed their missions! Games, instructions, length of the visit… The Guideez app is designed to offer a personalised experience for children, specially designed per age group.

Guideez leads children on a journey of discovery in three stages:

> Preparing the trip. Parents or supervisors can visit www.guideez.com for a selection of hints and activities to help spark their children’s interest in advance of their forthcoming trip to Blois.

> Visiting the Royal Château of Blois. The Guideez app is available for download on most mobile devices, via Google Play, the Appstore or Windows. Every step of the way, the children are encouraged to take photos and selfies. These can then be sent to their family and friends, or compiled into their own Travel Diary when they return home. Following the visit, this Travel Diary will be available at www.guideez.com.

> Making the experience their own. What with all the activities to complete, the tales to tell, the games to play and, above all, the postcards and Travel Diaries to create and share with family and friends, the children can genuinely take ownership of their visit. The Diary also includes all of the information that the children have read or found out for themselves during their visit. They can leave comments or browse the descriptions again, and are therefore more likely to remember what they have learnt.

Three age levels: 5–7 years, 7–10 years, 10–12 years

A fulfilling and immersive experience!

Requirement: Windows 8 Mobile, Windows 8.1

Requirement: iOS 7.0

Requirement: Android 4.0.3

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