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Exhibition "The Women's Renaissance, revided!"


Exhibition "The Women's Renaissance, revided!"

From 04/09/2022 to 07/10/2022

Château royal de Blois

A regent, a royal mistress and a scholar: from the lady in waiting to the woman of letters by way of the object of desire, take a look at the main subjects of the women's Renaissance, revived!

Fare : Included to admission fee

The royal Chateau of Blois was a place where queens and other women left their own indelible marks.
In total, 130 pieces from the collections of the Château Royal de Blois are displayed in The Women’s Renaissance, Revived, along with another thirty-odd pieces on loan, chiefly from major Parisian institutions and costumes used in films. Through their portraits, drawings, stories and objects bearing witness to their social role, The Women’s Renaissance, Revived presents all the different facets of the status of women in the Renaissance and the birth of feminism!

In Renaissance Europe, some 30 women exercised power in various respects: as full queens, wives, regents or governesses. Never in history have there been so many, in spite of the Salic law, which prohibited females and descendants in the female line from inheriting land, titles, and offices. The Enlightenment would not advance the cause of women in France, who had to wait until the middle of the 20th century to gain more rights, and even then they struggled to access positions of power. Following the recent historiography, The Women’s Renaissance, Revived is an exhibition that aims to reassess the role, power and influence of women, 500 years after the fact!

Guided tour of the exhibition from 10 April to 10 July every Sunday at 4:30 pm (duration: 1h30).
Booking: 0033 (0)2 54 90 33 33
Prices: in extracharge on the entrance ticket: +6€ for adults / +3€ for children from 16 to 17 years old.
Guided tour recommended from 12 years old.

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