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From 01/02/2024 to 12/31/2024

Château de Blois
6 Place du Château

Organiser : Château Royal de Blois

ESCAPE ROOM “Marie de' Medici's Thrilling escape” #Escape yourself. In 1619, Marie de' Medici, held captive by her son the king Louis XIII, attempts to escape from the Château… Enigmatic rooms, mysterious castle, royal escape: this life-size timed escape game offers you a fun way of discovering the captivating history of the Château, in a royal atmosphere and scenery created specially for the occasion.


After the assassination of Henri IV in 1610, Marie de' Medici handles the regency for a few years and imposes her favourite, Concino Concini, who benefits of a great political influence. In 1617, in order to retake power, young Louis XIII has him assassinated and exiles his mother to Blois, ending her regency.

Placed under house arrest, the queen mother starts the construction of a new pavilion in the North-West angle of the Château.

On the 22nd of February, 1619, tired of the exile and constant surveillance she is subjected to, Marie de' Medici, with the complicity of the Duke of Epernon, escapes from the castle through a window of the under construction pavilion, taking advantage of the unfinished levelling works. Legend has it she used a rope ladder to get down to the Foix district…


Locked in a room of the castle, players have to explore every nook and cranny of the room, down to the last details in order to get out.

60 minutes, no more, to resolve several riddles.

Imagined and created by Cap Découvertes, entertainment and team spirit professionals with an a great sense of humour; this escape room calls for logic, teamwork and an eye of detail.


The escape game “Marie de' Medici's Thrilling escape” awakens a fascinating chapter of the History of the Royal Château of Blois: without Louis XIII's guards' knowledge, players aim to help the queen to escape the castle.

An abundance of riddles, challenges, clues, manipulation, brain teasers and pranks will help them succeed in this extraordinary escape. Within the allocated time, they will need to gather accessories (keys, maps, rope…) and necessary equipment for the queen's escape by examining the room from all its angles! Every piece of furniture, every object has its importance…

SOLIDARITY AND INTERACTION: keywords of the game!

Supported and encouraged by the game master in costume, as a loyal follower of the queen, players will have to appeal to their communication and focus skills to maximise their chances of success.

Verbal exchange, reflection, logic and ingenuity are to be favoured. Modern technologies won't be of any help during the game which gives prominence to ancient, unusual accessories full of history: a unique way of breaking out with your routine and let your imagination run free!

Practical information:

Reservation required: call 0033 2 54 90 33 32

> Price:

Private booking on request all year round: 355€
The tour of the Château is included

Only for groups (from 6 to 13 people maximum)

Minimum age: 16 without chaperone, 12 with a chaperone.

Duration : 1h

Only in French

Subjected to sanitary measures in effect


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