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Your stay in Blois on 21 May

Prepare your visit

MORE SERVICESin addition to the entrance fee

Audioguided tour

As you follow the route of the audio-guided tour, a selection of 40 numbered information points guide you to the main elements in the tour of the château.

Duration: 1h to 1h30

In extracharge on the entrance ticket: +3€ per person, to book on the spot (subject to availability)

Audioguide available in 8 languages - Systematic disinfection

Magnetic loop system for the hearing-impaired.

Systematic disinfection

Audioguided tour

Opening hours

The Royal Chateau of Blois is open all year round, except on 1 January, on 26 August and on 25 December.

2 January - 29 March 10 am - 5 pm
30 March - 30 June 9 am - 6:30 pm
1 July to 31 August 9 am - 7 pm
1 September - 3 November 9 am - 6:30 pm
4 November - 20 December 10 am - 5 pm

21 December 2024 - 5 January 2025

December 24 and 31 : 10 am - 5 pm

10 am - 6 pm

The ticket office closes 30 minutes before the Chateau.

Our ticket office staff remain at your disposal for further information in French and English.

Download our leaflet HERE

Admission prices

Individual prices 2024AdultReduced*6-17 years
Chateau (+ HistoPad** or leaflet) 14€ 10.50€ 7€
General guided tour / Family tour +5€ +5€ Gratuit
Behind-the-doors tour / Under-the-queen's petticoats / Thematic tours +7€ +7€ +4€
Noctural Murmurs 22€ 16€ 12€
Audioguide +3€ +3€ +3€

Free admission for children under 6 years and people with disabilities (proof required).

* Reduced rate granted to students, teachers on an individual visit, adults with large families and job seekers (proof required, less than 6 months). The price is 7€ for the students provided with the PCE (student cultural pass).

** Histopad included in the entrance fee (subject to availability), except for free tickets: +4€/person.

Combined tickets

Continue your visit in Blois by taking advantage of our combined tickets !

Combined tickets - Individual prices 2024

AdultReduced*6-17 years
Chateau + Sound and Light Show 21€ 17€ 11€
Chateau + House of Magic 21€ 17€ 11€
House of Magic + Sound and Light Show 21€ 17€ 11€
Chateau + Foundation of Doubt 16.50€ 13.50€ 8.50€
House of Magic + Foundation of Doubt 16.50€ 13.50€ 8.50€
Chateau + Sound and Light Show + House of Magic 29€ 23.50€ 17.50€
Chateau + House of Magic + Foundation of Doubt 25€ 19€ 13.50€
Chateau + House of Magic + Sound and Light Show + Foundation of Doubt 35€ 29€ 20€

Free admission for children under 6 years and people with disabilities (proof required).

* Reduced rate granted to students, teachers on an individual visit, adults with large families and job seekers (proof required, less than 6 months)

** Combined tickets with the Foundation of Doubt are available only on the spot, in the first site you come.

It's not necessary to book a date or an access to visit the Royal Chateau of Blois and to see the Sound and Light Show. Combined tickets are valid for the 2024 season. They could be used on several days.

#Good plan! For 55€ per person, the "Carte Privilèges" grants you free entrance to the château and expositions for 1 year. Become a privileged visitor and take advantage of exclusive benefits. Information and conditions

Group prices

Accepted payment options

Cash (in euros), credit cards (American Express accepted)

Holiday vouchers (chèques vacances) and Yeps (former CLARC) and culture checks

Buy your entrances in advance here

Safety device of the château

The château has earned the Safety-site label, awarded to secure tourist sites by the French Government.
The Safety-site label certifies the implementation of a comprehensive security system both inside and around the site, as well as close collaboration with the authorities.

The strengths of the château’s system include:
• video protection at key points;
• enhanced anti-terrorism measures and heightened vigilance during peak periods, performing physical checks of visitors and any other people entering the site, at each entrance to the monument;
• fast response by the National Police in the event of a call from the Security Control Room;
• an internal Security Department led by Jean-Patrice Piermé, comprising a team of six security officers, with reinforcements from the welcome / safety personnel who have been trained on security issues;
• an investment plan for the years to come.

Our advice during security checks:
For your safety, we use magnetic sensors to check our visitors’ bags and their persons at the entrance to the château. Please allow us to perform these checks. Rucksacks and other bulky objects are not permitted, so please leave them in your vehicle or put them in the left luggage office. Sharp objects, glassware and glass bottles, and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

Visits for individuals

Several visits are organized, guided or on own your own. You will find below details of each visit and their frequency. An english version of our website to buy your tickets online is coming soon

Self-guided tour

Follow the numbers and arrows and explore the courtyard and the prestigious rooms in the château at your own pace.

An information leaflet is available free at the entrance to the château. To supplement this information, cartels in English present each room.

Duration: 1h to 1h30 - Buy your tickets online

Tour with the HistoPad - Systematic disinfection

The HistoPad, a next generation digital tablet, offers you a real immersive experience in the past, with its decors, customs, lives of the sovereigns and their court. This revolutionary tool allows you to learn all about the architecture of the château, interact with the site and be an active participant in your visit. An interactive map with location capacities on three floors and interactive, manipulatable 3D objects that testify to daily life of the era, a virtual treasure hunt, and 3D reproductions of the château’s four periods of construction: the HistoPad’s dynamic content offers you a singular way to explore the castle from every angle!
Included in the entrance ticket (subject to availability), except for free tickets (in extracharge : +4€/person).

Audioguided tour - Systematic disinfection

As you follow the route of the audio-guided tour, a selection of 40 numbered information points guide you to the main elements in the tour of the château.

Duration: 1h to 1h30

In extracharge on the entrance ticket: +3€ per person, to book on the spot (subject to availability).

Boucle magnétique pour déficients auditifs

Magnetic loop system for the hearing-impaired - inquire at front desk

For the use of the magnetic loop, it is necessary to activate the "mobility" option on your hearing aid (we advise you to ask your hearing aid specialist).

General guided tour (only in French)

These guided tours explain the château’s history and architecture: after crossing the courtyard you then explore the royal apartments with their magnificent painted decors that enhance the furniture and paintings depicting daily life in the French Court.

Duration: 1 hour

Every day:

  • From 8 January to 9 February 2024: 11 am and 3 pm
  • Winter holidays (from 10 February to 10 March 2024): 11 am (except on Sundays), 2 pm, 3.30 pm
  • From 11 to 29 March 2024: 11 am (except on Sundays) and 3 pm
  • From 30 March to 3 November 2024: 10 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 4 pm
  • From 4 November to 20 December 2024: 11 am (except on Sundays) and 3 pm
  • From 21 December 2024 to 5 January 2025: 11 am (except on Sundays), 2 pm and 4pm

No general guided tour during the European Heritage Days (neither on December, the 24th and 31st at 4 pm)

Booking online here (website in French only) or on the spot (subject to availability) / Groups limited to 25 people. In extracharge on the entrance ticket

Foreign language tours

Orientation Tours in foreign languages are organized in July/August in the courtyard - Inquiry at the reception desk when you arrive.

Duration: 30 min

Family tour

Family tour "Château life, it's all yours !" (for children from 6 years old) - Only in French

Everything you ever wanted to know about the lives of the kings and queens, a guided tour unveils their story and opens the doors to the Royal Château of Blois. What were they eating? What odors were they smelling? Nothing will be a secret for you afterwards.

Duration: 1h15

Every day at 2:30 pm during school vacations.
Booking by phone 0033 (0)2 54 90 33 33 or on the spot (subject to availability
/I\ This tour takes place from 2 registered families (inquire on the spot when you arrive)

Groups limited to 18 people - Without an extracharge for children / Additional fee for adults: +5€

Booklet with games offered to children (6-8 years) - only in French

Children will discover the Chateau and the Fine Arts Museum while having fun; there will be questions, games, riddles, puzzles, drawings and observation... At the exit, a small gift will be theirs. No extra charge.

"Behind-the-doors" tour (only in French)

A conference guide will take you on a very special tour of the château and show you parts that are usually closed to the public: apartments, towers, fortifications, attics and other unusual places.

Duration: 2h

  • From 8 January to 10 February 2024: no scheduled visits
  • From 11 February to 24 March and from 17 November 2024 to 5 January 2025: every Sunday and public holiday at 10.30 am
  • From 30 March to 30 June and from 7 september to 13 October (except during the European Heritage Days) + 9, 10 and 11 November: every Saturday and Sunday and public holidays at 10.30 am
  • From 6 July to 1 September 2024: every day at 10.30 am and 3 pm
  • All Saints holidays (from 19 October to 3 November 2024): every day at 10.30 am

Booking by phone 0033 (0)2 54 90 33 33 or on the spot (subject to availability) / Groups limited to 18 people
This tour is prohibited for children under 8 years old. Not accessible for people with reduced mobility and the visually impaired (many stairs).
In extracharge on the entrance ticket: +7€/adult and +4€ for young people from 8 to 17 years old.

"Under the queens' petticoats" tour (only in French)

Realily always goes way beyond fiction: follow this surprising tour in order to learn about truths unheard of about life at the Franch court during the 16th century, of which the freedom and loose morals will upset the whole of Europe: luxury an pomp go together with extravagances and eccentric behaviours, from ballrooms to alcoves..

Duration: 1h30

  • From 30 March to 2 November (except July and Angust): every Saturday at 4:30 pm

Booking by phone 0033 (0)2 54 90 33 33 or on the spot (subject to availability) / Groups limited to 18 people
Forbidden under 14 years old.
In extracharge on the entrance ticket: +7€/adult / +4€ for young people from 14 to 17 years old.

Nocturnal Murmurs (only in French)

Illuminated only by torchlight, held after the Château closes, this mysterious and original tour plunge into the dark and back in time offers a new perspective of the monument, going through the Royal Apartments and some of the castle’s more unusual spots like the gloomy dungeon where the brother of the Duke of Guise spent the night before he was killed, or the old pantry. Poetry readings, beauty secrets of the times, the recipe for strawberry blond, and wandering to the tune of a strange harpsichord melody: welcome to the secret heart of the Château Royal de Blois.

Duration: 2h

  • Winter holidays (12 February to 8 March 2024): on Mondays and Fridays at 7 pm
  • Christmas holidays: on Mondays and Fridays - 23, 27 and 30 December 2024 and 3 January 2025 at 6:30 pm

Prices: 22€/adult, 16€/reduced price, 12€/child
/!\ from 8 years
Book your visit online here (group limited to 25 people). For further information: 0033 (0)2 54 90 33 33

The booking service stands ready to answer any questions from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:15 pm.


Useful information:

- Visitors with disabilities will be admitted free of charge. Free admissions is offered to the guide of people in wheelchairs, blind or visually impaired, or when support is necessary and notified on the supporting document.

- On the Place du Chateau, 2 parking spaces for people with reduced mobility (PMR, in French) are at your disposal, as are toilets designed for the disabled; they are located at the back of the courtyard, on the right. They may be reached via the ground floor of the Francis I wing.

- Wheelchair available on loan, information at the reception desk

- Seats are present in all rooms, throughout the visit

The château has held the national ‘Accessible Tourism’ mark for hearing and mentally impaired visitors

Chiens d'assistance Dogs accompanying persons with disabilities are admitted on the grounds of the monument.

TAccessibilité pour les personnes en fauteuilhe spaces accessible for touring by persons in a wheelchair are: the courtyard, the chapel, the ground floor of the Francis I wing (architecture rooms), the outside areas (slightly sloped) and the shop: the tour itinerary

Déficients auditifs

Explanatory notices for visitors are available in the reception area, as is a magnetic loop system for the hard of hearing. Portable magnetic loops loan available for the audio guide route. For the use of the magnetic loop, it is necessary to activate the "mobility" option on your hearing aid (we advise you to ask your hearing aid specialist)

Déficients mentaux

For persons with mental and cognitive disabilities, suitably tailored tours are offered, on reservation.

For your tour of the Fine Arts Museum (located in the Louis XII wing, accessible by the staircase, half a flight up from the Hall of the Estates General), we can lend you magnifying glasses and eyeglasses (TVmax).
Folding stools are available at the museum. Please ask for information directly at the museum entrance.

For blind or visually impaired persons, suitably tailored tours are offered, on reservation.

Whenever material is borrowed, an identity document will be requested.

Quality program

Démarche qualité tourisme

Quality program

Wishing to extend the best of welcomes and to upgrade the quality of tourism services in France, the French state has created the Qualité Tourisme (Quality in Tourism) label.

Possessing this label since 2010, the Royal Chateau of Blois is committed to fulfilling all the relevant criteria and, consequently, to offering you, the visitor: a warm welcome involving personalized service, clearly formulated and precise information, knowledgeable and responsive staff, clean and comfortable premises and facilities, and informed advice facilitating your discovery of our territory.

Comfort for visitors

  • Resting seats in the Chateau
  • Loaned wheelchair (see reception area)
  • Suited sanitary facilities

/!\ Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult in charge of their supervision

Free locker

Only small bags that can be easily carried in front of you are allowed in the Chateau. A locker is available for your other bags. However, big luggages are not allowed. Our staff is not authorized to keep your personal effects. Our free locker is currently open (under condition of an application of the Plan Vigipirate /anti-terrorist security plan)

Baby changing facilities and stroller parking (free)

Baby changing facilities available
Loan of baby bottle warmer

Strollers are not permitted in the Royal Apartments. Stroller parking: Strollers may be left under the gallery. Without continuous surveillance

Baby carrier with metal frames are not allowed inside the chateau.


Whatever their size, our pet-friends are not allowed inside the Chateau, except for guide dogs accompanying visitors with disabilities.

Visitors' Rules and Regulations

Gift shop

Gift shopEnlarge the pictureBecause of strengthened security measures within the framework of Vigipirate, it is not possible any more to reach to the shop freely by the Chateau porch. It is necessary to appear from now on at the reception of the chateau.

The gift shop offers a wide range of articles allowing you to find the ideal gift: decoration, regional gastronomy, art objects, quality books, souvenirs...

The gift shop all year rouand, except for 1 January and 25 December, during the opening hours of the chateau.

Information: Tel : 0033 (0)2 54 90 33 39
Contact the gift shop

Access and parking facilities

The town of Blois is located on the door step of the Val de Loire, less than 2h south of Paris.
The Royal Chateau of Blois constitutes the ideal introduction to a visit to the accessible chateaux of the Loire, less than 30 minutes away: Chambord, Cheverny, Chaumont sur Loire, Amboise, Chenonceau...

How to get to Blois?

> By car

From Paris: 180 km/112 miles (2h)
- autoroute (motorway) A10: Paris/Bordeaux - exit Blois
- route nationale (highway) RN 152: Paris / Orléans / Blois
From Nantes: 285 km/177 miles (3h)
From Lille: 400 km/250 miles (4h)
From Lyon: 450 km/280 miles (4h30)
From Bordeaux: 400 km/250 miles (4h)
To prepare your itinerary, go to: mappy / viamichelin / google maps

GPS coordinates:
- Decimal degrees: Latitude 47.585343 Longitude 1.331537
- Degrees, minutes, seconds, hundredths: Latitude N46 35 08 77 Longitude E1 19 53 52

> By train

1h30 from Paris (Gare d'Austerlitz): the Paris / Tours and Paris / Nantes lines
To prepare your itinerary:

To go to the Chateau from the Blois-Chambord railway station:
By foot: 8 mn
By bus: stop at the foot of the Chateau -
By taxi: taxi at the railway station 24/7
Information: 0033(0) 2 54 78 07 65

> By bicycle
Nearly 400 km/250 miles of lanes, pathways and small roads have been conceived, designed, benchmarked and secured in the vicinity of the chateaux of the Loire.
Several itineraries passing through Blois are detailed on

2 bicycle parking areas at the foot of the castle and on the square
The Royal Chateau of Blois has been awarded the "La Loire à Velo" and the "Accueil Vélo" (bike hospitality) certification guaranteeing cyclists a high quality welcome.
Further information on
Bicycle rentals:

> By bus
There is a bus stop at the foot of the Royal Château of Blois.

- Azalys transport company: to inquire: 0033 (0)9 693 693 41 or
- Shuttles: to inquire: -

> From foreign countries by plane
From Paris: Orly (180km/112 miles) or Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (220km/137 miles) airports
From Tours: Tours - Val de Loire airport (60km/38 miles)

Parking facilities

> Car park
The closest underground parking lots:
- "Chateau" parking at 200m (416 parking spaces), access on avenue Jean Laigret - 3€ / 3 hours
- "Valin de la Vaissière" parking (336 parking spaces), access on quai de la Saussaye

The Blois town center features ample surface parking, including more than 600 free parking spaces (10 to 15 minutes from the foot of the Chateau)

> Camper van parking

Parking area "Parc des Expositions": south of the Loire, on Avenue Wilson, next to the "Parc des Expositions".

From 1 June to 30 september, the parking is not allowed in several places on the Loire side like Levée des Tuilerie, Edmond Mounin parking lot on the right bank and Port de la Creusille on the left bank.
Apart from these spots, the parking for camper vans is allowed on public roads, on condition of having an adequate size.

More information here (website only in French language)

> Bus park

Free park for buses situated 400m away from the chateau. Download the map

Stays and sojourns

The Blois/Chambord tourism office offers "turnkey" formulas including accommodation, eating, visits, entertainment, etc. You will discover Blois and the Loire valley at a leisurely pace.
Sojourns from 2 days / 1 night
>From 99€ / person

Information: Booking department of the Blois/Chambord tourism office
0033 (0)2 54 90 41 42 -

Consult the offers of our other partners.

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