Royal chateau of Blois


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Reopening of the Royal Chateau of Blois

The Royal Chateau of Blois reopens from the 16th of May every day from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The « … »

Sound and Light Show

Sound & Light Show

From 4 April to 27 September 2020

A festival of visual and aural special effects synchronized with the grandiose architecture of the court and bringing back to life the celebrated episodes in the history of the Castle.

Simultaneous translation in 10 languages with audio-language device

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Chateau 2.0

The Architectural Evolution of the Castle

Le Duc de Guise

Catherine de Medecis

Digital tools of the château

Digital tools of the château

The digital château revolutionizes the visit, which becomes more immersive, more playful and more ...

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