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3D screens

Track the evolution of the château over the centuries using digital desks.

Track the evolution of the Château over the centuries using digital desks.

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Recreate the history of the Château over past centuries by piloting giant interactive 3D screens!
The immense Salle des Etats, a "hot spot" of History, becomes a space for interpretation: Six multimedia screens help you to discover, as if at play, the main architectural changes of the castle and of its urban environment.
Several 3D mockups accompanied by video animation introduce you to the castle: From the medieval fortress of the counts of Blois and the innovations of Louis XII, Francis I and Gaston of Orléans through the 19th-century restoration and rehabilitation.
Interactive notes and a chronological timeline chart will give you additional information on the major figures who left their imprints on the château, its history and its collections.

And now, play on!

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Immerse yourself in the universe of 3D screens!

In figures

The digital desks consist in 6 3D mock-ups and 258 illustrated notices devoted to 30 prominent figures, 45 works or objects in collections and 56 places in Blois or the region.  
This historical presentation of Blois and its château from the 13th to the 21st century is also accompanied by 5 illustrated chronologies.