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The visit itinerary

Tragedies, shenanigans and power games: Throughout your visit, the Royal Château de Blois fills you in on the secrets of the French court. You will discover not only the royal apartments but also the Fine Arts Museum and many other sites that have left their imprint on the Château's history.

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In figures

Discover the 17 rooms of the Royal Apartments, the 9 rooms of the Fine Arts Museum as well as 4 other spaces, including the Estates General room, which is the largest (540m²) in the Château. Some rooms in the apartments are also quite large: the King's Room (173m²), the Queen's Chamber (66m²).

The decors consist in numerous patterns or motifs: 6720 fleur-de-lis (stylized lilies) on the panels of the Estates General room, 237 candelabras in the Studiolo as well as numerous monograms; Francis I (35), Catherine de Medici (180) and Henry III (192).


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